Pastelet Bookmark Setup

These steps add a bookmark to Mobile Safari that will paste text– a Pastelet bookmark.

NEW: Optimized versions now available for Email/Login or Telephone strings.

Step 1: Enter the text

Enter the text to paste. Then tap Make Pastelet to reload this page for Step 2.

Step 2: Add a Bookmark

Tap the add button on the toolbar. Then select Add Bookmark

add bookmark

Take note of the name (or edit it), and then tap Save.

save bookmark

Step 3: Edit the Bookmark

Now edit the bookmark to turn it into a Pastelet. Tap the Bookmarks button in the toolbar.

open bookmarks

Navigate to the bookmark you just saved. Do not select the bookmark.

Tap Edit to modify the list and then tap on the bookmark itself.

In the Edit Bookmark panel, tap in the field that begins with “https:”. You need to edit the start of the text, so tap and drag all the way to the left.

edit bookmark start

Place the edit point between the “#” and the “j”. Then tap delete until the edit point is at the start of the line. When done, the bookmark should look like:

edit bookmark finish

Step 4: Use the Pastelet

When visiting a web page “paste” text by selecting a Pastelet bookmark. Just tap the bookmarks icon.

open bookmarks

Then tap on a Pastelet bookmark to “paste” its text into a form field.

Notes & Issues

A Pastelet for a password is a bad idea. However, it should be fine for other commonly used strings or phrases.

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