Overview of Pastelet Maker

You are seeing this detailed page because you're not using Mobile Safari. Making a Pastelet is much easier when using Mobile Safari on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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The prolific coder/blogger Erica Sadun posted a Javascript bookmarklet for iPhone that pasted text into an HTML field on Mobile Safari on the iPhone. Handy, but her example code paste a hard-coded text string. Nonetheless, the bookmarklet is handy to paste text that you commonly use into web forms- text like an email address, user ID, IP address, hostname, etc.

It was a bit of a pain to carefully change the text literal, especially if you have characters that should be url-encoded in your text string. After hand coding a few bookmarks I needed, I whipped up this HTML form. I also completely re-wrote the JavaScript to work with more web pages, including common Google mobile pages. The new form does the text munging with your custom string, and generates a custom named bookmark that you can easily add to your browser and then sync to iPhone. You can also go the easier route and use Pastelets on your device.

UPDATE Janauary 4, 2010: Pastelets bookmarks now works with Google sign-in and new HTML 5 input types. Also, major updates to Pastelets (easily make Pastelets on iPhone, even offline).

How to Use Pastelet Maker with Internet Explorer or Safari (Desktop)

  1. Complete the Text to paste: field and the Link/Bookmark name: field.
  2. Press the Make Pastelet button.
  3. Right-click the new Pastelet Link: text and Add Link to Bookmarks… (Safari) or Add to Favorites… (Internet Explorer)
       Repeat the steps 1-3 above until you've added a bookmark for each text snippet you'd like to use.
  4. Sync your iPhone using iTunes, making sure iTunes is set to Sync Bookmarks.

Pastelet Maker for Desktop Browsers

   (On iPhone, this immediately pastes into 1st text field it finds)


   Pastelet Link: a link will appear here after you make a Pastelet

Note: Just drag or bookmark the link above. If you actually click the link to follow it, it will just fill-in a field on this page.


Credits and Thanks

Thanks to Apple for the MacBook Pro and the iPhone I love to use. Thanks to TUAW for keeping me up on all the latest Apple news. Thanks to Erica Sadun for the original bookmarklet code and inspiration. Thanks to Jeff Burton for the years of friendship, years of patience and support (with JavaScript and much much more).

Special Thanks to Craig Hockenberry (IconFactory / Twitterific, Twitterific for iPhone), Joe Maller (Transmogrify), Joe Hewitt and the iUI team (http://code.google.com/p/iui/), and Ankur Kothari (Make the most of the iPhone SDK) for inspiration and examples.

Views I express on this site are mine, period. My views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, my clients or anyone else for that matter. My opinions are my own. Likewise, you're all grown up and should understand this is free code, worth everything you pay for it. Lets keep the lawyers out of it, OK.

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